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Best Tours In Myanmar

Myanmar is in the map of every tourist now. Thanks to improvement of accommodation, infrastructure and maintenance of the safety at borderline areas for the tourists and the Myanmar people, with their hospitality and warmest hearts on earth. If you have two weeks or so, the very first Myanmar tour should be for “the big four” of the country, situating nearby one another in the center of Myanmar: Yangon, Bagan, Mandalay and Inle Lake. Each destination is worth a private visit of several days. ... Distinctive design, patterns, details and ornaments at any temple or relics, the surrounding scenery, etc. will leave you unforgettable impression of the rich spiritual religious life of the local people. A boat trip on the Inle Lake, at the end, may complete the trip with unusual leisure, enjoyment and fresh food, simultaneously opens the door to discover the country from another side, since the lake connects with top famous village trekking routes. During the second and further trips, you can either spend time to the country’s South-East, where “Golden Rock” pagoda – Kyaikto marks the most important pilgrimage point of Myanmar’s Buddhism, go further south to areas full of untouched highlights, charming old colonial houses and hotels, alongside with great view and delicious seafood of Mon and Kayin states; or you can just come back to the previously visited areas and spend more time for Bagan and Mandalay, where not only relics but cheerful daily life attract every tourist. Adventurous people may look for suitable weather for the long treks in Kachin state, situated in the north of the country, where snow mountains and crystal rivers with boutique local houses and relics are beckoning. Lets brown our Myanmar package tours which are hand-picked by our loyal clients with their reviews on each tour. Read more

10 Täge / 9 Nächte

Burma ist eines der kulturell vielfältigsten Länder, die es einmal im Leben zu entdecken gilt. Es bietet Besuchern viele "goldene" Schätze aus kulturellen Erlebnissen, Tempeln und Pagoden. Während dieser 15-tägigen Reise haben Sie die Möglichkeit, die beliebtesten Sehenswürdigkeiten von Myanmar durch die 4 großen Städte zu erkunden: Yangon, Bagan, Mandalay, Inle-See sowie das weniger bekannte Monywa auf dem Weg.