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Top Selling Tours In Laos

Being the most sparsely populated country of Asia, Laos is apart from noise and boisterousness. This is the old Asia "once upon a time" of elephants, jungle, falls, rivers, lakes, fresh fish served with raw vegetable, and superb ancient temples. Laos is at its T-junction now, tarred roads and services outlets’ facilities have been much better developed during the last five years; boutique hotels now match either strict eco-protection standards or tough requirement of deluxe tour organizers, and more direct flights linking Laos with dynamic neighboring countries while not many vacationers have booked Laos Tour Package yet. ... Upon arrival in the most exciting townships like Vientiane or Pakse, be amazed by its orderly traffic with no car horn, no quarrel or fuss on streets; A choice to stay a boutique lodge located by a lake or hillside, the isolation will be absolute! This is simply the authentic lifestyle of the Laos people, leisurely and placidly, making your Laos holiday a perfect getaway. Laos tour package also offers sufficient opportunities for those seeking for hard adventure. With jungles and national parks, mountain ranges and Mekong powerful tributaries, a lot of adventurous types of kayaking, rafting, mountaineering, motorbiking, canoeing and elephant riding are available.
Tree top sliding and tubing are other experiences that rarely found in neighboring Indochina countries. You may primarily plan a trip to Laos as a detour from Vietnam or Thailand, but after just a few days in this peaceful land, you may wish to come back promptly for longer discovery. Amongst the three countries of Indochina, Laos tours are recorded with the biggest number of Threeland’s repeated guests, and it is an amazed success when leisurely Laos people can do it without trying too hard, and without deviating from their traditional values.
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